Cooke White Advisors

What We Do

What We Do

We help companies hire, inspire and retain top talent.

We are a one-of-a-kind consulting and executive search boutique firm with over 50 years expertise. With a deep blend of industry knowledge and executive search experience, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations improve their people programs as well as hire top talent.


Cooke & White Advisors was founded by Austin Cooke and Michael White, born of their passion for helping companies build world class HR organizations. After creating leading talent acquisition and HR teams for three of the fastest growing technology companies in Boston - Sapient, Endeca, and Vistaprint - they created Cooke & White Advisors to bring thought expertise to other hyper-growth organizations.

Cooke & White Advisors' portfolio of clients includes start-ups as well as some of the fastest growing billion dollar companies in the market.

Working with Austin has been extremely impactful for our organization and to me personally. He provides a perspective that only comes from real experience allowing him to be an amazing thinking partner and coach. I often feel as though Austin already knows what problems I am going to bring to him before I do myself.
— Andrew Gertig, Chief People Officer, Skookum

What makes us different

We've built world-class teams and hired top talent for some of the best organizations in the world. We have done the work we now consult for in the real world, at premiere companies and agencies.

We've also grown incredible HR leaders. The people who have worked with us have gone on to do incredible things; to run top HR teams at some of the top companies in the world.

Our team is amazing at going out and finding really strong executive talent. We maintain a start-up mentality (one that stems from our background and experience). We don't get bogged down in processes. We stay laser-focused on helping clients move quickly and we remain available and efficient, thoroughly bringing searches to a successful conclusion. 

Our specialties include:

  • Recruiting top executives that impact the business  
  • Partnering with heads of human resources to help them with HR programs & culture
  • Collaborating with talent leaders to significantly improve their recruitment engine

My company partnered with Michael at both Sapient and Endeca. In the recruiting and human resources fields, Michael is a rare visionary with a real passion for his work. For all the lipservice recruiting gets, the function is too often relegated to a business service and a cost center. Michael views recruiting as talent acquisition and human resources as human capital management. He understands that both are the lifeblood of business. In addition to being a pragmatic problem solver, Michael is an enthusiastic, engaging, and charismatic leader, one of the few “executives” I have met in our industry that merit the title.
— John Hawley, Chief Technology Officer, Convention Data Services

What We've Achieved

  • Built world class talent acquisition & HR teams at several hyper-growth companies like Sapient, Endeca & Vistaprint (now Cimpress) to name a few
  • Hired thousands of people across multiple domains/skill sets and geographies
  • Hired hundreds of top executives for multiple organizations in multiple industries
  • Developed top HR professionals who've gone on to have amazing careers in top organizations

Austin understands that a great talent strategy is a key enabler of company strategy. He can both design a robust talent strategy and effectively deliver on it. He continues to be a trusted advisor to me on executive recruiting, organization design, talent development, employee communication and change management. I couldn’t have been successful in my roles as BU President or COO without him. He truly is a game changer.
— Wenda Cebula, President and COO at edX

I worked for Mike for a number of years at Sapient and learned much. Mike is an inspirational and dynamic HR and business leader who has the rare ability to capture and embody an organization’s vision, culture and values. His style is highly motivational and he does a tremendous job of sharing business and market context with those he leads enabling them to feel connected to the business. Additionally, Mike’s ability to connect to people is second to none while still always being a results driven exec.
— Brendan Browne, Connecting Talent With Opportunity, Massive Scale

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